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Offering the Best Solutions for Ecommerce Sites and Ecommerce Website Builder Programs

xSellit Startup is for the organization that wishes to own their online eCommerce business. xSellit Startup comes with all the eCommerce features & selling tools needed to make your online business a success!

And, the best part is, when you're ready to upgrade to xSellit Professional or xSellit Enterprise your investment is preserved. You never pay more than the price of the version you upgrade to!

Download xSellit Startup Features [Size: 32.8 KB]

Template Design

Content Management System

  • Unlimited Content Pages
  • Unlimited Updateable Drop Down Navigation Menu
  • Updateable Secondary Navigation Menu
  • Updateable Bottom Text Navigation Menu

Full Featured Shopping Cart

  • Billing Information
    Take all personal billing information including credit card numbers, billing address, etc.
    • Alternate Payments
      Accept other forms of payment other than credit cards, like Online Checks, Purchase Orders, etc.
    • Customer Feedback
      Customers can enter in Order Notes and How they heard about your store.
  • Shipping Information
    Choose to ship to the Billing Address or an alternative address.
  • Confirmation Page
    Displays all information previously entered on the Billing & Shipping pages and prompts for any corrections prior to final order submission.
  • Emailed & Printable Receipt
  • Emailed Order Notification
    Alerts your personnel of a new order.
  • Unique Order Number
    Automatically assigned for easy tracking.
  • Secure Orders Area
    Your orders are kept securely in your Administration Console.
  • Secure Server (SSL)
    Allows users to send data to and from the web securely and encrypted.
  • Credit Card & Check Authorization*
    Allows your customers to purchase your products by credit card or check and it will automatically be accepted/charged or declined.
    *A Merchant Account is needed and is charged separately.

Built In Automatic Shipping & Handling Calculations is a solution for ecommerce sites to offer a choice in shipping fees

  • Flat Fee
    Have a flat shipping fee per product added to the total order.
  • Percentage Fee
    Assigns a percentage of the total order as the shipping total.
  • Order Total Ranges
    Assign a shipping fee based on the total order amount. Up to five (5) ranges.

Custom Tax Tables

Accept tax for your state.

Tax Exempt Support

Allow customers to be tax exempt.

"Featured Product" Listing

Designate up to six (6) products to prominently display on the home page of your web site. Great for monthly specials! xSellit is able to provide this solution for ecommerce sites' new products or special products to attract your customers.

Unlimited Product Categories

Group your products into any number of categories. Easy to use, drill down menus, allow your customers to select the category that interests them. A user-friendly menu is what xSellit wants to provide your ecommerce online business.
  • Previous | Next Links
  • Show or Hide Category’s & Products
  • Display Number of Products
    Displays the number of products in a category on the listing page and/or on the menu
  • Allow products to be listed in more than one category.
  • Show All
    Choose to view all products listed in a category on one page without Previous | Next links.
  • Sort By feature
    Sort products in a given category by Alphabetical, Price Low to High, Price High to Low, Popularity

Unlimtied Product Listings

This feature allows you to change product information on your ecommerce website and offers an easy solution for ecommerce sites to easily change product-pricing, categories, images and much more!
  • Simple Imaging
    Show product pictures in thumbnail view, "more info" (medium) view and larger view.
  • Product Picture Gallery
    Show unlimited product pictures per product with automatic image resizing. Great for color swatches or different product angles.
  • Photo Resizing
    xSellit automatically resizes your images to a thumbnail, medium and larger views.
  • Sale Items
    Redline price on items that are on sale and display sales price.
  • Gift Wrapping & Gift Messages
    Allow products to be gift wrapped along with a gift message.
  • Non-Taxable Products
    Allows you to not charge tax per product.
  • Single Quantity
    Allows for only 1 quantity to be purchased of an item.
  • Free Shipping Per Product
    Designate free shipping per product.
  • Manufacturer/Vendor per Product

"More Info" Page

Customers can view more information on your products or choose detailed product specifications.
  • Item Notes
    Can show or hide on the More Information page

Social Networking Web 2.0

Allow your customers to "Tweet" about your Storefront and/or products on their Twitter account or "Post" about them on their Wall in their Facebook account! We also have the "Add This" feature on every page and product.

Breadcrumb Trail

Shows your Customers where they are located on your website.

Email Product

Allow your Customers to email desired products to their friends and family.

Database Integration

  • Import/Export Products
    Import or Export your Customers/Products/Categories/Product Options using a .csv, .mdb, .xml, or .xls format.

Updateable Favicon image


Designed to allow visitors to refer their friends and family to your site. Emails come from the referrer and include standard text describing your organization.

Join Our Mailing List

Designed to allow visitors to join your general mailing list.

Integration to Cobalt Email Marketing System

Collect your customer's email addresses through a "Join Our Mailing List" and as they place their orders. There are three (3) lists that will hold your customer's email address in which you can send product updates, special offers and much more!
  • General List
    Anyone who joins through the "Join Our Mailing List" feature will have their email placed into this list. You can use this to send general advertising and promotion emails.
  • Tell-A-Friend List
    Anyone who sends a Tell A Friend message through the "Tell-A-Friend" feature will have their email placed into this list. You can use this to send general advertising and promotion emails.
  • Ordered List
    This list will contain emails of all customers who've placed an order from your storefront. Of course your customer can opt out of receiving information from you if they wish. You can use this list to send advertising and valuable promotions to returning customers.

Search Engine Friendly

  • Built-in URL Rewriting
    xSellit rewrites the URL’s of your categories and products to make your URL’s Search Engine Friendly.
  • Page Mapping
    Rename the default page names of your main website pages to a more search engine friendly name.
  • Updateable Meta Tag Title
    Add different meta tag tile to each page, category and product!
  • Updateable Meta Tag Description
    Add different meta tag descriptions to each page, category and product!
  • Updateable Meta Tag Keywords
    Add different meta tag keywords to each page, category and product!
  • H1, H2, H3, UL, etc.
    Your xSellit storefront is coded to be W3 complaint utilizing proper header tags (H1) to help in Search Engine Optimization.
  • Updateable RSS Catalog Feed
    Each time a category or product is added or deleted from your online store xSellit will automatically update your RSS Catalog Feed.
  • Google Sitemaps
    xSellit will automatically create a Google Sitemap every time a category, product or new page is added to your site. You can then submit the sitemap to Google for enhanced Search Engine Optimization.
  • Category Listing page has two updateable content blocks for SEO enriched content
  • Product Listing page has two updateable content blocks for SEO enriched content
  • Link Summary block great for SEO enriched content
  • Integrated into Google Analytics
  • Integrated into Google eCommerce Tracking
  • Custom 404 Error Page Not Found

Secured Administration Area

  • Unlimited User & Group Permission Based Administration Security
  • Add, modify & delete categories, products and tax tables
  • Quick Product Edit
    Quickly edit a desired product’s price.
  • Category Product View
    Show all products in a selected category and edit the product.
  • Upload product pictures
  • Update product menu
  • Change Featured Products
  • Order Handling
    Add/remove order items from an order, manually update Shipping charges, print a packing slip, print an updated receipt, set an order status, ie Open, Processing, Shipped, Closed, email Shipping notice to customer, update and save shipping notice per order.
  • Order Archives
  • Credit Card List
    Add or remove acceptable credit card types.
  • Manage credit card sales
    Manually run sales, void & credit sales
  • State and Country Setup
  • Reporting
    View active & archived orders, product summaries, detailed order report & more!


Unlimited Promotion Codes
Assigns a promotion or discount code to a certain product/products and applies the change upon checkout. You can also assign a precentage or flat fee taken off the entire cart! Set a promotion expiration and add a custom message!

Unlimited Product Options with "What's This" Feature

Each of your products can have options associated with them such as color, size, etc. You can also include a note field for special ordering information. Allow customers to use this feature with our website shopping cart software.

UPS Shipping & International Shipping

Additional Updateable Content Pages

Additional pages are easily updated on your ecommerce website template or website shopping cart software.

  Download xSellit Startup Features [Size: 32.8 KB]
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