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We know you’ll want to compare xSellit with other eCommerce Storefronts. We also know this area of technology is certainly not considered everyday knowledge.

So, to compare "apples to apples" please keep these points in mind:

Built To Drive Traffic

Truly the MOST Search Engine Friendly!

Every xSellit Storefront comes with all the SEO features you need to make you new site highly Search Engine visible. See our features for a comprehensive list. More importantly, xSellit is different because our Google XML sitemap is automatically updated whenever you add or delete your products! In other eCommerce systems you have to manually initiate the creation of this most important search engine friendly document! xSellit Storefronts are also the ONLY solution that offers automatically updated RSS Feeds that are generated every time you add new products, categories or content to your site! We will also upload all four special search engine files, while our competition will only allow two!

Only solution with integrated Email Marketing

xSellit Storefront’s are the ONLY solution that have a complete stand-alone Email Marketing & Campaigning Program that is FULLY integrated with your storefront and helps you stay compliant with the Federal CAN Spam Act. You don’t have to export and import email addresses from your storefront to your email marketing program AND ours is the only integrated, out of the box solution on the market today that segments email addresses according to the product(s) that were purchased. This allows you to fine tune your email marketing and send highly targeted, product announcements and promotions to those who are most likely to want and use it. For example, if a customer bought a certain model vacuum cleaner, you can send a promotion for that vacuum cleaner’s bags just to those customers!

Exclusively Yours

Your Storefront is YOUR Storefront!

With xSellit eCommerce solution you have the ability to purchase a "Take It With You" License* to your store. You receive a non-exclusive license to the xSellit product which allows you to gain direct access to all the HTML files giving you the flexibility of taking the site in-house if you choose. xSellit Storefronts are a scalable solution unlike most of the other solutions, which won’t grow with your business. xSellit Storefronts protect and preserve your investment.

Easily scalable - grows with your business

Your xSellit Storefront is its own independent, honest to goodness website. So we can make custom changes that are tailored to your business and do it in an affordable way!

Direct database access

Every xSellit Storefront gets their own private MS SQL server database not a shared database, like many other solutions. You can have direct access to YOUR data whenever and however you see fit! It's your data and we won’t hold your data hostage. This allows for easy integration with your in house systems and provides another layer of security for your customer and product data.

Backed By Experts

Built on the .NET Framework

xSellit is built in the Microsoft .NET environment, which is a state-of-the-art programming platform for the web. Utilizing the .NET framework and Web service layers, xSellit allows for faster development and deployment. Why invest your money in anything less?!

We've been in business since 1992

Because we've been in business since 1992, you know that you will have a company who is going to stand behind you every step of the way.

We don't outsource

Our design, programming, hosting & support are all done by our inhouse employees. We don't outsource these critical portions of our business. So, if you have a concern - you go directly to the source and are not passed around through different companies.

We're responsive.

Our team of developers & support personnel are dedicated to helping you. You will not have to wait days for a response like some of our competitors.

We have experts with over 20 years experience

Our team of Internet & database programmers are highly skilled for any job you wish to throw our way. With over 20 years of experience you'll know you are in good hands.

We are experts in Internet and Database security

You can be confident that your corporate data won't be compromised and that we have taken every step possible to ensure your information is kept safe.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for your xSellit Storefront now!

* You are granted a non-exclusive license to use the xSellit software. Please see terms for more information.

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