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Our Custom Business eCommerce Solutions Will Give You the eCommerce Online Storefront That You Need to Start Making Sales Today

Increase Your eCommerce Online Storefront Sales

  • Your eCommerce online storefront is open 24/7/365 so customers can place orders anytime, even holidays! This allows people to carry out business without the barriers of time or distance.
  • xSellit eCommerce Online Storefronts have real-time credit card billing for electronic fund transfers. This means you receive payment for your products or services immediately when the order is placed. There's no waiting for payment by mail or phone
  • With xSellit eCommerce online storefronts, you can have the opportunity to allow your customers to buy related products and increase their order.
  • xSellit eCommerce shopping carts expand the size of your market from regional to national or national to international, which can drive in more sales.
  • You're not only able to use xSellit’s Online eCommerce Online Storefronts to sell your products or services, but our custom business economic solutions also let you use your eCommerce online storefront as an informational tool to draw your customers into your stores. Use your eCommerce online storefront to attract Suppliers!
  • Your eCommerce online storefront allows you to give your customers more information about your products or services, and your eCommerce online storefront gives your customer confidence to purchase from you. It also leads to customer satisfaction since customers have a better idea of what they are purchasing. This will cause repeat & word of mouth sales.

xSellit’s Custom Business eCommerce Solutions Will Help You Decrease Costs

  • xSellit can save you money on marketing material. Costs to make changes to Product Catalogs are virtually free with an eCommerce online storefront. There is no need to print a new version every time you add, remove or change product pricing and features!
  • With xSellit’s custom business eCommerce solutions, the direct cost of sale for an order being placed on a website is lower than through traditional means such as retail, paper based & telephone. This is because there is no human interaction during the online purchase & order process.
  • By using xSellit’s eCommerce Online Storefront, processing errors are virtually eliminated so there is less time spent in resolving invoice and order discrepancies.
  • In addition to lessening overtime and supervision expenses, xSellit’s custom business eCommerce solutions can help minimize delivery times and labor costs associated with document and mail preparation. Furthermore, xSellit can reduce the amount of time spent on error detection/correction, telephone calling and data entry.
  • With an xSellit eCommerce Online Storefront, your company can have more employees working from home. This decreases HR costs for companies due to smaller office buildings, less parking spaces, fewer IT services, etc.
  • Distribution costs dramatically decrease since the customer is able to download information from your website or view your Catalog online. There is no longer a need to mail CD's or Catalogs!

An eCommerce Online Storefront Will Help You Increase Response Times

  • With xSellit’s custom business eCommerce solutions, you can email your customers online offers. Customers respond more quickly to online offers. If they are emailed a "We're having a Sale notice," they are more likely to immediately log onto your storefront to purchase your products or services.
  • xSellit reduces a buyer's searching time. This means that customer's do not need to drive to different stores looking for a specific product or price, which can delay your sale by days or even weeks! With xSellit eCommerce storefronts, your customers can quickly and easily search for their items online and purchase right away, anytime!

Promotion Expenses Can Offer Better Results for Your eCommerce Online Storefront

  • With our custom business economic solutions, you can target a market segment through Search Engine Optimization or Pay-Per-Clicks which allows you to focus on a more select group of customers and therefore have a competitive advantage in satisfying them.
  • xSellit is ideal for niche products. Customers for these products are usually few but in the Internet market place, even these products could generate a considerable volume in sales.

Scalable Custom Business eCommerce Solutions

  • An xSellit eCommerce shopping carts is scalable and grows with your online business. It is easy to upgrade and can allow you to tailor your store to your business needs.
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